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Stud Agreement

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Please read and print


This is to certify that the stud dog:__________________________________________, UKC#:________________________________________,

was bred to the bitch:______________________________________________________, UKC#:________________________________________,

on the following dates:_________________________________, and is due to whelp on or near the dates:_________________________.

Conditions of Service

1. The stud fee for this mating is $_______________.

[ ] The fee is payable at or before the time of mating by certified check or cash.

[ ] The fee will be fulfilled by the selection of a 1st pick puppy(s) from the resulting litter as agreed to by both parties. Terms of selection are as follows:

2. All fees are payment for the stud service only and are not to be construed as a guarantee of puppies. If the bitch fails to whelp or whelps fewer than two living puppies at birth, the owner of the bitch must notify the stud dog owner not more than 65 days after the date of the last mating. There shall be no refund in whole or part, but a return service to the same stud shall be provided at the same bitch's next heat if both are still available; if not available, to an agreed alternate.

3. If a bitch fails to whelp or give birth to two living puppies as a result of this second mating, then this agreement shall be terminated and the stud dog owner shall have no further obligations.

4. If ownership of the bitch changes, right of return service shall be at the option of the stud dog owner.

5. Owner of the bitch agrees to keep the bitch confined and inaccessible to all other male dogs from the start of her heat cycle until the bitch is fully out of heat.

6. Owner of the stud dog agrees to keep the bitch to be bred confined and inaccessible to all other male dogs until the bitch has been bred and returned to her owner.

7. Reasonable care will be given to the bitch while in the possession of the stud dog owner. Any veterinary fees incurred during this time are the responsibility of the bitch owner.

8. The following items are needed prior to or at the time of service:

Photocopies of:   ___ UKC Registration

___ Current Vaccination and Worming Record

___ Health Certificate (if required for shipping)

9. The bitch owner agrees that all puppies resulting from this litter will be properly cared for and placed in the proper homes.

10. No puppy resulting from this breeding shall be transferred to wholesale outlets, dog dealers, brokers, humane shelters, laboratories, pet shops or their agents.

11. Bitch owner agrees to have buyers sign a contract including the statement that they will not transfer said puppies or their offspring to wholesale outlets, dog dealers, brokers, humane shelters, laboratories, pet shops or their agents.

12. Bitch owner agrees to require that all pups sold for show/breeding must be checked and have the necessary health clearances before being bred (for example, eye, hip, vWD, brucellosis, etc.).

13. Bitch owner agrees to furnish the stud dog owner with the name, address and telephone number of the owners of the puppies from this litter and the purpose for which each puppy was sold.

14. The owner of the stud will appraise the offspring of this breeding for the owner of the bitch at no charge when the puppies are six weeks of age. The owner of the bitch shall make an advance appointment for this service.

15. The owner of the stud will, as a matter of courtesy only, refer prospective puppy purchasers to the owner of the bitch when the puppies are at least seven weeks old.

16. Additional terms:

17. It is specifically agreed that the stud dog owner is not obligated to sign the application for registration of this litter until the stud fee has been paid in full or, in the case of a puppy fee, the stud owner has possession of the puppy or puppies as agreed. Nor is the stud dog owner required to sign the litter application if any of the conditions in this contract have not been followed or if there is a question as to the parentage of the resulting puppies.

We have read and understand the conditions of this contract. Any/all fees incurred in the enforcement of this contract shall be borne by the party in default. By our signatures we agree to these conditions and acknowledge having received a copy of this contract.

Signed bitch owner:   Signed stud owner:
Bitch owner’s name:   Stud owner’s name:
Bitch owner’s address:   Stud owner’s address:
Telephone: Date:   Telephone: Date:
Date litter app. signed:   Males: Females: